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Proton X70 – the best car image example

The name for the first crossover of the Malaysian Proton brand was determined by the results of an online contest. The PX70, X7, X70 and X700 options were put to a vote of 89,800 people, although Proton has had no alpha-numeric names before. “The letter X is considered synonymous with SUV, and the number 70 denotes size/class and gives us a logical system for adding larger or smaller models in the future,” executive director Abdul Rashid Musa explained simply. Recall that Proton trivially cloned the Geely Atlas, also known as the Bouye and the Emgrand X7 Sport, as a parkette.

“Seventy” is equipped with the most powerful gasoline engine in the range – “turbo four” 1.8 (184 hp, 285 N-m), which should appear in December. Drive can be front or all-wheel drive, the six-speed “automatic” has no alternative.

Having investigated right side steering, the journalists have found out one significant difference from the Atlas/Bouye: there is not one, but two air deflectors for second row, which can be tilted individually. The habit of local people is taken into account and this photo highlights the ventilation.

img via hum2d

At the presentation of the X70, the press was told that the design was done by Peter Horbury, his past services at Volvo were mentioned. Meanwhile, Proton’s chief stylist Azlan Osman, who designed only the radiator grille, burst into a whole treatise about “expanding space” and “infinite intertwining”. He said the “grill” bears a resemblance to a shooting bow, symbolizing agility, speed and lightness. The repetitive patterns also refer to tradition, craftsmanship and Malaysia’s rich natural heritage. It looks like Osman would make a pretty good sales manager. Orders will open on September 8, and the crossover will go on a seven-city promotional tour on the 19th.

Proton X70 can not be called a unique car. Even visually it reminds Geely Atlas though it is executed in other style. Part of the similarity is due to the fact that the shape of the body of both crossovers is approximately the same. But the Proton X70 is equipped with its own radiator grille with wide horizontal slats, in which rectangular holes are “drilled”. The headlights of Malaysian model is a little bit narrower than Atlas’s. And its front bumper is noticeably larger. It provides wide niches for air vents and narrow strips of LED fog lights. In the center of the front bumper stretches a long trapezoidal air intake.

The back is designed in a more unique style. The rear section of the body seems voluminous due to the peculiarities of the configuration and compact glazing. At the rear is arranged narrow LED lights, connected between themselves by a decorative bar with the name of the brand.

The interior of the Proton X70 is designed in the style of Geely crossovers of past years. Similarity with Chinese models is largely due to the abundance of decorative inserts, in color imitating aluminum. They cover almost the entire area of the transmission tunnel and the front panel. The central console accommodates only a touchscreen monitor. The climate controls are placed on the gradually ascending transmission tunnel, containing many chassis tuning keys and a relatively small gearbox lever. Following the example of the Atlas, the speedometer is placed in the center of the instrument panel.

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